Monday, August 29, 2011

Scottie Confetti

Have you ever wondered how artists name final compositions?  Is it the subject matter? or perhaps the experience with due process? Maybe its just a rush of emotion that iniciates thought? Perhaps all of the above?
My latest french pastel, ignited a humorous title into my mind as I was drafting my final Hancock in the lower left corner.  "Scottie Confetti" the title came to me, exhibited the explosion of color, a jovial happy vision of two Scottish Terriers side by side. Having experienced  a celebration where cannons of excitement burst from the corners of a stage, fountains of colored paper erupt overhead and twinkling down ever so delicately, a rush of happienss embraces the moment, just as in my studio recently.
Originally created for a gallery exhibit themed YIN and YANG, this jovial pastel featured a whimsical Scottie dog pair, one black and the other white.  My intensions to illustrate peacefull balance shifted in a direction  of unexpected energy lighting up the Strathmore with  Lime green, canary yellow, plum, and fushia.
Having shared a country home with a Scottie dog for two weeks, the innate memories of this comical little dog paralelled a finalli of energetic, unexpected humor, with personality plus, and an attitude bigger than life.  It felt only appropriate to recall this moment with the color and excitment of a stage production, calling the pastel "Scottie Confetti."

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