Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: Bling's Buried Treasure

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: Bling's Buried Treasure: This is the time of year that we all get excited , invigorated, jolly and even a bit anxious over what to buy that special person for the H...

Bling's Buried Treasure

This is the time of  year that we all get excited , invigorated, jolly and even a bit anxious over what to buy that special person for the Holiday. I like to shop year round,  at art shows and creative venues experienced throughout the season,  stockpiling my treasure gifts in my secret hiding place where no child dare look!  Even Santa myself forgets from time to time the very cool widgets and trinkets just waiting to be given as the gift o' rama of Xmas draws closer. My ultimate hiding place,  my secret cover had held the guiness record for the longest secret hiding place....that is until my best friend BlingBling decided to go shopping for himself.
I had noticed recently Bling would disappear every morning just after the 6:00 morning walk....I would hear him scamper up the stairs down the darkest of hallways, while the rest of the family slept...could he be resting with my son, or just positoning himself to look out the top window, ready to pounce on the window sill after the paper boy? NOPE, little Bling, had been doing some shopping of his own for the holidays.  I followed him that morning, peering around the doorway corner only to see him rummaging through bags, and packages,digging and digging as if he was on a canine top secret mission.  Bling had been shopping for his gift,  the doggie present he loves to open every christmas morning.  Not only that, but in the pile of wrapped packages, bows and wrapping paper,  was a 1/2 eaten milkbone biscuit, a slice of bagel,  and a tennis ball, all ready from Bling to be inventoried and wrapped.  Perhaps even dogs share the secret of Giving!  Merry Xmas. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: The three pigs...

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: The three pigs...: This little piggy went to market, this little piggy had none, this little piggy shed all of its hair and sent it to Rachel for a color coor...

The three pigs...

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy had none,  this little piggy shed all of its hair and sent it to Rachel for a color coordinated opportunity to make new paint brushes!  Yes, more piggy stories!
Well, I received more pot belly pig hair stocked and ready for paint brush making, thanks to my friend Kim , the pig passionate human who rescues Pot bellies.  As a special thank you, here is a sketch of my version of the three pot belly pig -hair-brush-makers.

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: Sam I Am!

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: Sam I Am!: My canine friend Sam had quite a story to tell one Friday evening in August. He's a real Momma's boy, a designer dog, cute as the dickens, ...

Sam I Am!

My canine friend Sam had quite a story to tell one Friday evening in August. He's a real Momma's boy, a designer dog, cute as the dickens,  who hovers around his human's feet, staying close to treat jar, and never leaving the confines of his fenced in yard...that is until he decided to doggie dash away from the groomers studio.....Yikes.  Up and down the streets we walked, searched, called, and asked good citizens who were near.....flyers flew around the city, walkers walked looking in search of little charcoal colored Sammy.  It was a horrifying night, that worsened, when a call came from a neighbor saying a car accidentally hit a small pooch.  Our hearts sank...but our HOPE didn't.  Up at the crack of dawn, a cry from a worried pet parent near the wooded area, flushed out little Sam!  He was bloody and beaten, tired and hungry, but he was back in his Momma's lap heading to the vet!  Little Sam was going to be OK, and he was certainly overheard to say, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home!" Wonder if ruby slippers come in canine size small?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Scottie Confetti

Have you ever wondered how artists name final compositions?  Is it the subject matter? or perhaps the experience with due process? Maybe its just a rush of emotion that iniciates thought? Perhaps all of the above?
My latest french pastel, ignited a humorous title into my mind as I was drafting my final Hancock in the lower left corner.  "Scottie Confetti"...as the title came to me, exhibited the explosion of color, a jovial happy vision of two Scottish Terriers side by side. Having experienced  a celebration where cannons of excitement burst from the corners of a stage, fountains of colored paper erupt overhead and twinkling down ever so delicately, a rush of happienss embraces the moment, just as in my studio recently.
Originally created for a gallery exhibit themed YIN and YANG, this jovial pastel featured a whimsical Scottie dog pair, one black and the other white.  My intensions to illustrate peacefull balance shifted in a direction  of unexpected energy lighting up the Strathmore with  Lime green, canary yellow, plum, and fushia.
Having shared a country home with a Scottie dog for two weeks, the innate memories of this comical little dog paralelled a finalli of energetic, unexpected humor, with personality plus, and an attitude bigger than life.  It felt only appropriate to recall this moment with the color and excitment of a stage production, calling the pastel "Scottie Confetti."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just when you think you 've seen it all, a woman carrying a bright beach towel swaddled duck passes you on the sidewalk.  This was no pond swimming quacker, this was a duckling of style, a pampered feather bird, who clearly loved being swaddled. After taking a double take, I just had to catch the beak memory with a photo.  You had to see it to believe it. JJ, as the human referred to him, had the most beautiful webbed feet, which obvioulsy seldomly touch the sidewalk.  I looked a little closer, JJ had red, white, and blue designs painted on his toenails...a Peticure!!!!  JJ the  duck portrayed colorful nails clearly showing his patriotic side for the 4th of JULY.  This was no regular peticure, this was a polka-dotted, color coordinated, webbed artistic feat...or rather feet.  JJ's human was delighted to show off her pet's peticure and parade down the sidwalk to the coffe store, for her morning ice coffee.  I couldn't help but wonder, did JJ soak in the foot tub?  Or did he just float?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pet Paintbrushes by Rachel DiAndrea, PetArtStudios.com

Ok, this is really a classic story of friendship,  a friendship between and artist and a pig!
Seems lately I have had some kind of obsession with pigs.  Having grown up near a farming
community,  I never really gave much thought to having a pig as a pet, but lately pigs have caught my attention.
I met a woman who had probably been the most pig passionate human I have ever met.  She rescues and fosters pot bellie pigs.  These aren't just any pigs, these are glamorous oinkers dressed in tutu's and wearing tiaras....yes, real fashionpiggies riding in carriages built for a swine princess.  I admired the connection KIM had to her girls, one in particular named "Puddin-Pie."
Puddin followed Kim everywhere at the Reading PET ExPO, just like my little Chinese Crested best friend Bling.
Puddin's human--KIM---explained how shedding for her girls happens much quicker for Pot Belly Pigs than with a shaggy dog, 4 days and the pigs blow their coat totally....Puddin's beauty was overwhelming, her dark skin with her long locks created her covergirl look!  I should say CoverSwine look. "Her hair had the texture of my best watercolor paintbrush", I commented to Kim.
Well, much to my surprise,  I received the prettiest notecard in the mail today.  Sandwiched  in the middle was a ziplock full of pig locks from PuddinPie, for me to make my very own Pet Paintbrush! 
In return, I dolled up a cute little pen and ink watercolor sketch, painted Puddins pretty grin, and added a watercolor wash with her own locks...not hocks...locks!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gone Hogwild!

In my many travels, I have passed by a field of dreams so many times followed up with a statement:" Why didn't I bring my camera?"  One might think this visual as a lovely color illuminated meadow of fragrant posies, but qiute the contrary....it was a hillside of flesh tone colored HOGS, grazing in the green grass.  I was absolutely fascinated with the immense size,shape, and well, pretty faces we know as Pork.
Having traveled with my BFF that day, my camera was loaded with an opportunity for adventure, with a willingness to capture a glimpse of the Hog heaven  passed by so many times before on the  grounds of Penn State renowned Agricultural field of Dreams. 
Turning left  down  Pork Avenue alley, there they were! Sun shining over humped backs , blue sky, and the smell, recognizable!
Just as a dog comes running with glee to greet thier owners, this amazing HOG delighted with a squeal, sprinted over to Laura and I with the happiest grin, as if to pose.  All the memories of a Pig, a spider and a barnyard came rushing though my head!  Well, we offered him a peapod snack,snapped some photos, and I felt happier than a pig in ---t! 
This little piggy went to the easel!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live at Westminster 2011!

My first sense of what The Westminster wowed us with is entry into Madison Square Garden, filled with people, dogs, spectators, breeders.  We entered the vendor area first, finding a good bit of "BLING" jewelry and "BLING" t-shirts, and "BLING" purses....and by BLING I mean anything on this canine earth that sequin's and crystal studs could be adhered on to. JUST MY STYLE!  I knew this was going to be a great adventure.  Down the long long hallway we managed to bang, bump, and slide into a room full of Hairdryers, Hairspray, grooming shears humming, dogs barking, people chatting, so called by the poodle ladies I was with the "BenchingArea".....The only benches I saw had piles of dog laundry and clippings of fur. Wonder why they called this the benching area?  They should have called it the Barking area, or the Bitching area...!
By the way, when you go to a dog show, the word Bitch is used every other word...and its flattering usually! 
Well, the entry into the Garden Opened up the space like floodgates of breeds, from the smallest to the tallest, from the hound to the retriever, from the furry to the (my favorite) Hairless!!! The arena  was carpeted  with breeds of the finest Champions.  Now this is what breeders find the passion to create!  The perfect DOG!  Parading around the rings as the beauties they were born to be.....
The crowd roars as a winning dog  is "pulled" to the front of the line.... Clapping, whistles, and even barks of joy drove the decibel level off the charts.
I had the privilege of participating as a spectator at the greatest show on canine earth.  NYC welcomed we spectators and dogs with open hearts, and our open wallets of course. 
I can honestly say this will be one of the most memorable times of my dog crazy life.  The passion by which these professional handlers, breeders evolve is so admirable.  They give their lives to the welfare of the breeds, only driven by passion for the animals and for the welfare of the purebred dog.
Its passion that drives perfection.....



Sunday, February 27, 2011

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: The results are in!

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: The results are in!: " http://www.artshowatthedogshow.com/ Have you ever dreamed about anything so vividly you can see it ? I have..."

The results are in!


Have you ever dreamed about anything so vividly you can see it ?  I have been blessed to have participated in the National Canine Art Competition over the last 6 years.  This Year , I can honestly say I jumped in the air, barked outloud,  finally earning the priviledge to place in the Pastel category!!!!!  I scrolled over the list of winners, one after the other, looking for the word ALTOONA,PA! There is was, last category in the column, but there it was "Frenchie" artist Rachel DiAndrea  2nd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could hardly believe it!  I think a little tear popped in my vision, but just to my surprise, Altoona was mentioned again!  4th Place for "PoodlePuppies"by artist Rachel DiAndrea as well.  OK , its terriffic to win once, but twice?   This show means alot to any canine artist from around the world....and tonight I am going to celebrate, a double dog pastel.    


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BlingBlings new coat of many colors!

My little Chinese Crested's name is BlingBling,  a five year old Powderpuff companion who I absolutely love dearly...he is my Heart dog as  they say!!!   Now Bling has been by my side for over 5 years now,  as my best friend.  He has been ringing a bell at the front door day and night, to go outside and well...peepee.  Bless his little heart!  You'd think that after this many years , his ability to hold it may have imbedded in his mind.  I have noticed a few accidents, but figured it was my fault for not hearing the bell or not staying on schedule.....nope.......WE have resorted to the most obvious of solutions...doggie diapers.    Bling is sporting a weiner wrap made from the finest cotton adhered to a stayfree maxi/ mini pad. I have been forced to stoop into humiliation of my dog since he feels an unending desire to claim all personal property at 311 Ridge Ave. I bought this accessory at Westminster, in hopes that I would never have to use it on him...but no...It became apparent he is sprinkling my home with the fountain of urine, not the fountain of youth! After standing immobile for over twenty minutes last night, not a muscle moving or flinching,  BlingBling about fell over in exhaustion,  I think he likes it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: An Artist View Of Westminster 2011 ......con't

"The Art of Being a Pet" by Rachel DiAndrea: An Artist View Of Westminster 2011 ......con't: "The emotions radiating the room from both human and canine are overwhelming. This opening day offered more than I could have imag..."

An Artist View Of Westminster 2011 ......con't

The emotions radiating the room from both human and canine are overwhelming.  This opening day offered more than I could have imagined.  So many were bustling about, checking in, unloading crates, food,  equipment, luggage.  NYC encourages hustle and bustle,  but many were stolling slower past the Hotel Pennsylvannia to glare at the Dog entourages caravaning to the hotel.
The dogs definatley were just loving the energy in the lobby, how could you not?
My artistic inspiration to capture this event reflected for a moment,  digesting all the elements. Sparkle, and color, and barking and smiles,and fashion......Yes, I am referring to the Dog show world!
I was born with a love for Leopard print anything, as well as "blingy" sparkle. These are" My favorite Things" from the Sound of Music seemed appropriate to start singing! Is the visual coming to you now?

to be continued...........

Friday, February 18, 2011

An artist's view of Westminster 2011

An artists view of Westminster!
This was a great opportunity to finally visit the biggest and best dog show in the Country!  I was invited to share a weekend at Westminster , in NYC with some of the finest poodle ladies ever.  My  friend, groomer, and breeder of the Whisperwind Poodles was celebrating her 20th year anniversary  to  the day in Madison Square Garden, a day when her dog Peter WON Westminster.  I have always wondered what it would be like to see first hand how the show unfolds. Linda Blackie had devoted her live to this amazing breed: the Standard Poodle.  The breed of beauty,brains and braun.  The breed most likely to own stock in good hairspray and the breed I have come to own and love.  The energy at the Pennsylvannia Hotel is at peak with kennel caravans rolling in, one after the other...Every dog owner there is visually thinking about the show ring and the competition, nerveously processing their butterfly jitters.  Its clear that dog fanciers from aroung the world have gathered for the love of our four legged friends...Its a passion like no other.  The lobby was a collection of spectators, breeders, handlers, vendors, and of course canines of every breed, and multiples of them.  These are the best of the best as only Champions are allowed to show at  Westminster.  My senses were on overload, making this an adventure for any Dog lover, and  we have only been in NYC for an hour!!!!  Lots more to share!!