Monday, June 13, 2011

Pet Paintbrushes by Rachel DiAndrea,

Ok, this is really a classic story of friendship,  a friendship between and artist and a pig!
Seems lately I have had some kind of obsession with pigs.  Having grown up near a farming
community,  I never really gave much thought to having a pig as a pet, but lately pigs have caught my attention.
I met a woman who had probably been the most pig passionate human I have ever met.  She rescues and fosters pot bellie pigs.  These aren't just any pigs, these are glamorous oinkers dressed in tutu's and wearing tiaras....yes, real fashionpiggies riding in carriages built for a swine princess.  I admired the connection KIM had to her girls, one in particular named "Puddin-Pie."
Puddin followed Kim everywhere at the Reading PET ExPO, just like my little Chinese Crested best friend Bling.
Puddin's human--KIM---explained how shedding for her girls happens much quicker for Pot Belly Pigs than with a shaggy dog, 4 days and the pigs blow their coat totally....Puddin's beauty was overwhelming, her dark skin with her long locks created her covergirl look!  I should say CoverSwine look. "Her hair had the texture of my best watercolor paintbrush", I commented to Kim.
Well, much to my surprise,  I received the prettiest notecard in the mail today.  Sandwiched  in the middle was a ziplock full of pig locks from PuddinPie, for me to make my very own Pet Paintbrush! 
In return, I dolled up a cute little pen and ink watercolor sketch, painted Puddins pretty grin, and added a watercolor wash with her own locks...not hocks...locks!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gone Hogwild!

In my many travels, I have passed by a field of dreams so many times followed up with a statement:" Why didn't I bring my camera?"  One might think this visual as a lovely color illuminated meadow of fragrant posies, but qiute the was a hillside of flesh tone colored HOGS, grazing in the green grass.  I was absolutely fascinated with the immense size,shape, and well, pretty faces we know as Pork.
Having traveled with my BFF that day, my camera was loaded with an opportunity for adventure, with a willingness to capture a glimpse of the Hog heaven  passed by so many times before on the  grounds of Penn State renowned Agricultural field of Dreams. 
Turning left  down  Pork Avenue alley, there they were! Sun shining over humped backs , blue sky, and the smell, recognizable!
Just as a dog comes running with glee to greet thier owners, this amazing HOG delighted with a squeal, sprinted over to Laura and I with the happiest grin, as if to pose.  All the memories of a Pig, a spider and a barnyard came rushing though my head!  Well, we offered him a peapod snack,snapped some photos, and I felt happier than a pig in ---t! 
This little piggy went to the easel!