Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just when you think you 've seen it all, a woman carrying a bright beach towel swaddled duck passes you on the sidewalk.  This was no pond swimming quacker, this was a duckling of style, a pampered feather bird, who clearly loved being swaddled. After taking a double take, I just had to catch the beak memory with a photo.  You had to see it to believe it. JJ, as the human referred to him, had the most beautiful webbed feet, which obvioulsy seldomly touch the sidewalk.  I looked a little closer, JJ had red, white, and blue designs painted on his toenails...a Peticure!!!!  JJ the  duck portrayed colorful nails clearly showing his patriotic side for the 4th of JULY.  This was no regular peticure, this was a polka-dotted, color coordinated, webbed artistic feat...or rather feet.  JJ's human was delighted to show off her pet's peticure and parade down the sidwalk to the coffe store, for her morning ice coffee.  I couldn't help but wonder, did JJ soak in the foot tub?  Or did he just float?