Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live at Westminster 2011!

My first sense of what The Westminster wowed us with is entry into Madison Square Garden, filled with people, dogs, spectators, breeders.  We entered the vendor area first, finding a good bit of "BLING" jewelry and "BLING" t-shirts, and "BLING" purses....and by BLING I mean anything on this canine earth that sequin's and crystal studs could be adhered on to. JUST MY STYLE!  I knew this was going to be a great adventure.  Down the long long hallway we managed to bang, bump, and slide into a room full of Hairdryers, Hairspray, grooming shears humming, dogs barking, people chatting, so called by the poodle ladies I was with the "BenchingArea".....The only benches I saw had piles of dog laundry and clippings of fur. Wonder why they called this the benching area?  They should have called it the Barking area, or the Bitching area...!
By the way, when you go to a dog show, the word Bitch is used every other word...and its flattering usually! 
Well, the entry into the Garden Opened up the space like floodgates of breeds, from the smallest to the tallest, from the hound to the retriever, from the furry to the (my favorite) Hairless!!! The arena  was carpeted  with breeds of the finest Champions.  Now this is what breeders find the passion to create!  The perfect DOG!  Parading around the rings as the beauties they were born to be.....
The crowd roars as a winning dog  is "pulled" to the front of the line.... Clapping, whistles, and even barks of joy drove the decibel level off the charts.
I had the privilege of participating as a spectator at the greatest show on canine earth.  NYC welcomed we spectators and dogs with open hearts, and our open wallets of course. 
I can honestly say this will be one of the most memorable times of my dog crazy life.  The passion by which these professional handlers, breeders evolve is so admirable.  They give their lives to the welfare of the breeds, only driven by passion for the animals and for the welfare of the purebred dog.
Its passion that drives perfection.....