Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bling's Buried Treasure

This is the time of  year that we all get excited , invigorated, jolly and even a bit anxious over what to buy that special person for the Holiday. I like to shop year round,  at art shows and creative venues experienced throughout the season,  stockpiling my treasure gifts in my secret hiding place where no child dare look!  Even Santa myself forgets from time to time the very cool widgets and trinkets just waiting to be given as the gift o' rama of Xmas draws closer. My ultimate hiding place,  my secret cover had held the guiness record for the longest secret hiding place....that is until my best friend BlingBling decided to go shopping for himself.
I had noticed recently Bling would disappear every morning just after the 6:00 morning walk....I would hear him scamper up the stairs down the darkest of hallways, while the rest of the family slept...could he be resting with my son, or just positoning himself to look out the top window, ready to pounce on the window sill after the paper boy? NOPE, little Bling, had been doing some shopping of his own for the holidays.  I followed him that morning, peering around the doorway corner only to see him rummaging through bags, and packages,digging and digging as if he was on a canine top secret mission.  Bling had been shopping for his gift,  the doggie present he loves to open every christmas morning.  Not only that, but in the pile of wrapped packages, bows and wrapping paper,  was a 1/2 eaten milkbone biscuit, a slice of bagel,  and a tennis ball, all ready from Bling to be inventoried and wrapped.  Perhaps even dogs share the secret of Giving!  Merry Xmas. 

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